PUBG Mobile KR
PUBG Mobile KR

PUBG Mobile KR

Dance with the zombies! Enjoy the Zombie's Edge mode.

Android Android Action
4.4 ( 930 ratings )
Price: $0
Name PUBG Mobile
Publisher KRAFTON Inc
Genre Action
Version 2.8.0
Update Sep 1, 2023
MOD Unlimited UC, Aimbot, Menu
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PUBG Mobile is the most famous version in the PUBG Mobile series of publisher KRAFTON Inc
Mod Version 2.8.0
  • MOD Menu
  • Esp
  • Esp line
  • Esp box
  • Esp health
  • Esp name
  • Esp distance
  • Esp head position
  • Esp loot box
  • Esp airdrop
  • Esp skeleton
  • Esp enemy count
  • Esp vehicles
  • Esp weapons
  • Esp items
  • Remove logs [Must use in lobby]
  • Remove recoil
  • Instant weapon change
  • Walking speed hack ×5
  • Infinite parachute falling
  • Legit aimbot (When shooting)
  • Silent aimbot
  • Loot items through walls
  • Prone speed hack (Speed all ×2 and jump hack)
  • Wallhack (Show enemy trough walls/Remove some objects)
  • Black sky
  • Camera fov
  • Vehicle speed hack
  • Vehicle fly

Whats New

- Zombie's Edge Theme Mode
- Classic Mode Update
- World of Wonder Update
- Metro Royale Update
- New Royale Pass 'FREAKY FIESTA'
5/5 - (1 vote)

PUBG Mobile KR APK is a particular product for Korean users. In 2018 PUBG Mobile was released globally. After the launching of this game, many country people start action take against this game. Also, the game development country has Chinese to use the user’s data new was spread. Tencent games team is the first partner developer of PUBGM. First of all Philippines blocks PUBG due to policy and data protection problems. Then Korean country was also banned due to policy problems. Then KRAFTON planned to launch without Tencent games. So they will remove their partnership from Tencent games. PUBG Mobile KR APK is a specific and direct game from GRAFTON. They will launch this particular product as a name with KR. The only supported country is Korea. Other countries’ players cannot connect to this game. Because they use a specific server and it only supports in Korean countries. Everything has been the same no more differences appear in this KR version. But the developer is from South Korea so they will provide unlimited rewards in the shop section. Compared to the global version, the KR version has many free rewards. For the beginner of the game, they will receive multiple rewards.


PUBG Mobile KR APK gameplay was similar to the global version. No more changes during these two versions. If you don’t know about gameplay, don’t worry. I will say to you in this section. Currently, the game supports up to four modes. Classic, events, quick match, and TDM matches are currently available modes to play. Every mode contains the same play methods, and the simple thing will change. In classic mode, you can see five different maps. Erangel, Shanhok, Miramar, Karakin, and Vikendi maps are available. These maps contain different locations like regular land, forest, island, sand, and dry. Every player’s goal is to get a chicken dinner title in PUBG Mobile KR APK. Inside the classic maps, 100 players dropped in one match (Including you). Every player enters the lobby and waits for other players for up to 1 minute. Then the completion of minutes, one airplane will pick up every player on the map. Mark the place use the map view option. Then jump into the marketplace from an airplane. After arriving at the map place, you need to search the weapons and defend items. The enemy started taking weapons for survival. So you also to go to near houses or garages to get weapons. Search many places to get weapons with bullets.

PUBG Mobile KR APK also provides many items for health protection. When the enemy shoots you, your HP will decrease. After losing all HP, you will die and back to the lobby. Survival is the primary matter of the game to get dinner. Every landed player wants to get a chicken dinner. So you defeat every alive player to get chicken dinner from the match. Not easier to win all matches on all maps. Every match-making player is coming with well-trained. So you also need to go training place to improve your lighting skills. 8X8 map provided in Erangel so that it will become huge. Inside all matches, cars and bikes are available to travel. Control settings of vehicles are straightforward to use.

Start quick matches

PUBG Mobile KR APK offers quick matches for start matches without spending time. Classic mode matches take ending time up to 30 minutes. But quick matches modes will complete each match in 10 to 15 minutes. Quick match, war, and snipers battle are currently available. Quick match like classic matches, but time is concise to complete. Sniper matches players are only allowed to use sniping weapons only. The game mode restricted no more guns in the sniper matches. War matches happen with 20 players, and it’s divided into five teams. Any weapon has been provided in war matches. Randomly chosen weapons are provided in war matches.

Team deathmatches

Mostly my team and I will play this team deathmatches. PUBG Mobile KR APK offers TDM matches with many weapons. Use those guns to increase the player’s shooting experience and playing skills. Better to start 1v1 matches in TDM. The game conducted five types of TDM matches in the game. TDM, TDM Warehouse, Domination, Gun game, and TDM ruins. TDM match player chooses the shooting gun from the lobby section. TDM Warehouse mode provides some weapons on both two sides. In Domination mode, the team will be under the A, B, C marks in the game. The Gun game was terrific, and after taking the kill, the gun game has changed the gun. Ruine TDM was a theme-changed version of TDM.

Events and lobby

Every new update, PUBG Mobile KR APK releases new events for its users. Mostly everyone loves to play Pharaoh mode and Kong vs. Godzilla mode. Kong vs. Godzilla mode has unbeatable creation from the game developer. No one game now made the graphics like this game. Personally, my team and I miss that K vs. G mode. Every two months once the game developer releases new updates for their users. Over the months, they will release the inbuilt update for anti-hack patches. Most of the hackers use ESP hacks in event modes. So the game development team give a ban by this anti-ban system. Up to four members can stand in the lobby from PUBG Mobile KR APK. Left side section, you can see the friends and invite option. If anyone invites another team, the right side on the slide appears. Click ok to join other teams. Every event’s reward, information, emails appeared on the right side screen. From the lobby section, you can discover many things. If you want to any costumes weapons skins, go to the shop section. Use UC to buy the new costumes. Scraps are also received in rewards, so use the scrapes to get coupons. Coupons will help to get skins for free.


On the right side of the screen, the settings icon appears in PUBG Mobile KR APK. Click the settings icon to you will explore all settings. Customize the game graphics quality from the graphics section. Now, up to 6 different graphics quality are available to play. After installing the game, the graphics settings automatically change based on device performance. The controls section arranges your playing buttons and opacity. Align the shooting and gun picking up buttons in your favorite place. Basic controls will help to changes some features. Game settings have controlled everything.


PUBG Mobile KR APK graphic is unbeatable graphics in Android game lists. These graphics made no one game the graphics like the PUBG Mobile series. Moreover, no one game cannot beat this game’s graphics. Every element and object are made with pure high quality. Never quality loss during the game. Up to 90FPS will be supported in the game. The player played so lag-free game on 90FPS supported devices. Which device supports 90fps, they will use that fps. You never need to pay for getting high graphical mode. Inside the game are houses, maps, vehicles, arms, armors, bullets, shooting animations, and everything is perfectly made with high-quality graphics.


Overall, we covered all detailed information about PUBG Mobile KR APK. This fantastic game for Korean country gamers. This special Korean edition will give new experiences to those country players. Also, the developer gives unlimited rewards in the game. Make a new unbeatable squad destroy all enemies to get the winner chicken dinner. Highly detailed graphical animation will give a new user experience. Join all events to feel the realistic game animation—no need to download the correct version for untrusted websites. Download GETMODSAPK provided original APK version to enjoy the new versions.

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