Last Day on Earth v1.22.0 MOD IPA[Mega Menu/Premium/Unlocked All] for iOS
Last Day on Earth v1.22.0 MOD IPA[Mega Menu/Premium/Unlocked All] for iOS

Last Day on Earth v1.22.0 MOD IPA[Mega Menu/Premium/Unlocked All] for iOS

Survive among the Dead

Android Android Action
4.5 ( 129 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Last Day on Earth: Survival
Publisher KEFIR
Genre Action
Size 843.5 MB
Version 1.22.0
Update Sep 26, 2023
MOD Menu
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Last Day on Earth: Survival is the most famous version in the Last Day on Earth: Survival series of publisher KEFIR
Mod Version 1.22.0
  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode
  • One Hit Kill
  • Attact And Shoots Speed
  • Fast Loot
  • No Skill Requirement
  • No Skill Requirement2
  • Unlock Backpack Skin
  • Unlock Survival Guide enable and disableWhen receiving
  • Moto paintings unlock
  • Weapon Modify Unlock
  • Unlimited Foods And Water
  • No MinigunColdown
  • Detect Enemy Range
  • Active Contrast 16 Hours
  • Animal Not Move
  • Unlimited Durabilty
  • Unlimited Item in inbox
  • Hit Without aiming
  • Unlock Items For Craft
  • Craft + Construction
  • Unlimited Point Craft
  • Finish Motorcycle ATV
  • Fast Walk Travel
  • Energy Cost 1
  • Unlock All Event Bug Account
  • The City Tax 0%
  • Player Speed
  • Drone View

Whats New

- Fair’s Grand Opening. William is awaiting you with rewards yet again.
- Encounters in resource locations — it’s more entertaining to make runs for resources now.
- Location UI on the global map has become more user-friendly.
- Energy restoration is now conducted for rations.
- Bunker Alfa coupons can be exchanged for reputation.
- Repainting a chopper and chests at home can now be made with resources from nearby storages.
- Explosions VFX were improved.
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Do You know the best fact about Survival iphone games? It’s simple; Survival Games are addictive even before getting played, just by screenshots! The rise of the survival game is probably the most significant new gaming trend of 2021. Millions of Survival games are listed on game stores like Steam, X-BOX, and the PlayStation Store. But the best thing is the convenience offered by iphone smartphones. Nowadays, You won’t need any giant gaming console or a highly configured PC setup since you can simply enjoy all your favorite survival games directly at your fingertips. Google Play Store is 2021’s best gaming store, containing millions of iphone games, all successful in genres! And if you’re a real Survival genre fan, then you simply can’t forget Last Day On Earth Survival! It’s one of the most beloved iphone survival games, containing hundreds of fantastic gaming genres and aspects. Here, You can enjoy aspects like Zombie Apocalypse, Resource Building, Teamwork, and so many of them. Additionally, below you can achieve the Last Day On Earth Survival MOD ipa, which is the modified version of the official game, offering you all the premium stuff free of charge, plus the processes like Crafting and Surviving. So If You’re starving for success, please stop and enjoy the modified way to experience entertainment for success!

Last Day on Earth MOD ipa
Play a fantastic survival game with immersive graphics and habitat
Virtual games are the best entertainment trending sources these days, as these games offer the exceptional setup that addicts most of the users. You can get addicted on the very first glimpse, delivered by world-class games like Last Day On Earth Survival! If You never heard of this game yet, then you’ve skipped a gem in searching for golds. Last Day On Earth Survival is a survival-based iphone game where you’re basically stuck on the 2027 Zombie Apocalypse. Now You’re needed to survive in this deadly land full of Zombies and animals like Wolf! Apart from that, You’ll also need to find hundreds of resources and crafts, survival weapons, items, and all such stuff! Get ready to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, Download Last Day On Earth Survival!

Survive the deadly zombies with hundreds of weapons and resources
The first aspect and the game plot of Last Day On Earth Survival hold the Zombie Apocalypse. As per the game story, In 2027, the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the human race! Now all those dead people became brain-dead zombies and needed humans as their food. Now You’re required to keep an eye on your Avatar’s all aspects like HP, Power, and Skills, and needed to enrich and maximize the term of survival! For that purpose, You can enjoy a massive amount of weapons, including Pistol, Crossbow, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Hatchet, Crowbar, Zip Gun, Glock 17, VSS Vintorez, Shotgun, M16, AK47, and the Dragunov! You’re reckoned to survive for appropriate timing to upgrade on a certain level, and all these weapons need that certain level to get unlocked. So get ready to struggle in the game and strategically boost your grades!

Upgrade the powerful survival skills within all the valuable resources
Last Day On Earth survival game also offers you some survival skills you need to upgrade to enhance your surviving aspect! Skills are primarily the rarest stuff inside the game since you’re required to discover the unique resources and level-ups to upgrade your skills. It delivers active skills, like Auto-Kill, Animal Friend, Look Around, Self-Healing, Sneaking, Sprint, and Roll. Moreover, You can also experience various passive skills inside the game like Motorcycle Driver, Extra Pocket, Cold Survival, and ATV Driver. There are 100+ skills offered inside the game to make you amazed! Download it ASAP and enjoy all of them!!

Last Day on Earth MOD ipa
Enjoy the versatile map, including over 20 different locations to enjoy
Universal map means massive gameplay and a never-ending kind of survival! Considering that, Last Day On Earth delivers a giant Map, including the deadly Zombie locations, like Crooked Creek Farm, Blackport PD, Gas Station, Frosty Backwoods, Infected Forest, Island Watchover, Oak Bushes, Pine Bushes, Survivor’s Base, Watchtower, Wooded Foothills, and Swamp Forest. Enjoy all these deadly locations, forming a game plot like the world-class creations Resident Evil and COD Zombies! Enjoy the game!

Download the modified version for getting upgraded on max level
Last Day on Earth Survival Mod ipa is the magical stuff you need to make your gaming more enthusiastic. Most of the time, Playing the same survival with a lack of resources annoys gamers, and at such times we start uninstalling these games. Well, Uninstalling isn’t the only option for the Last Day on Earth Survival kind of game. These games are developed to enjoy, and that’s why we’ve created the modified version of the game, named Last Day On Earth Survival MOD ipa! The revised version will help you with entirely free crafting and the infinite Energy to wander on the complete map as many times as you want! More such features are waiting for you; Just click the below-most download button to enjoy them all.

Enjoy the simplistic MOD enabling on a convenient MOD Menu
Simplicity is the best privilege in the Last Day on Earth Survival MOD ipa! The modified version is offering you a MOD Menu setup, where you can enable your favorite or needed MODs at a time to not get interrupted by any other bug or report in between entertaining moments. All You need is to click the below-most download link and install Last Day On Earth Survival MOD ipa. Afterward, You can enable all its features and experience it simply!

Unlimited Energy to walk anywhere on the gigantic map
Apart from all the resources and gaming money, You’ll also need the Energy to get towards the different locations and completing the missions! It’s the same phenomenon as the Candy Crush’s lives, and the Energy consequently takes an entire day to get refilled. So If You’ve got annoyed with waiting hours for the reflation process and can’t spend the real money on the game, download Last Day On Earth Survival MOD ipa! The modified version will help you enjoy access to never-ending Energy for making infinite steps fastly towards hundreds of locations! Enjoy gaming!!

Last Day on Earth MOD ipa
Endless Skill Points and Free Crafting MOD for refining your gameplay
Within money and Energy, Skill Points also plays a vital role in providing you with exceptional gaming! Moreover, It’s the hardest-to-find resource among all the other stuff listed above in the official Last Day on Earth Survival. Considering that, We’ve also embedded the Endless Skill Points MOD inside Last Day on Earth Survival MOD ipa! Yeah, You heard right!! You can use these never-ending Skill Points and maximize all your skills for enthusiastic gaming. Excepting that, You can also enable the Free Crafting MOD in MOD Menu to craft infinite resources, weapons, and habitat items free of charge. Download Last Day on Earth Survival MOD ipa, and enjoy all its exceptional MODs with advanced simplicity!!

Final Verdict
Ultimately, Now You can survive until the infinite years inside the Last Day on Earth Survival game interface, equipping all your favorite weapons and resources. All You need is to Click the below-most link and download Last Day on Earth Survival MOD ipa. It’s a 100% free modification, granting you all your favorite gaming privileges with simplicity! Enjoy all these features without hustling, struggling, or employing real money. It’s showtime gamers!!

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