Facebook Mod IPA[Premium Unlocked] for iOS
Facebook Mod IPA[Premium Unlocked] for iOS

Facebook Mod IPA[Premium Unlocked] for iOS

Explore, connect and share your interests with real people

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Name Facebook
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Version 459.0.5
Update Sep 27, 2023
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Facebook is the most famous version in the Facebook series of publisher Meta Platforms Inc
Mod Version 459.0.5
  • Messenger enabled inside the app. No need for a separate messenger app! These apps are compatible with ARM devices only. You will need to uninstall any version of Facebook before installing any of these. Newer features of messenger will be absent from the patched facebook app. These newer features are not being added to the Facebook app itself. Unfortunately, if you want some of the newer features you will have to use the messenger app.

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Premium Unlocked
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Facebook MOD ipa is one of the most used social networking platforms for all OS devices. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004. First of all, he launched the application uploading their pictures. In upcoming years most people joined the application. So constantly, the developer team added many features with user needed. Sure, Facebook is one of the most successful social networks. Most people currently use the application. In global, everyone adopted to the internet life. Almost all country region peoples started using the network. Many years ago, substantial marketing companies only used the internet for their working preference. But now, most of us parents are also using the internet and also joined to the application.

Facebook MOD ipa
Facebook MOD ipa is now the popular social network for all people. After get success, Mark added many features. Day by day, Facebook users are increasing wisely. The application developer team continuously updates their network safe, security, and privacy. Privacy is the most important for every user. Facebook guaranteed the user’s privacy. Before using the application, the users need to register their account to the application. After successfully registering, you can directly access the application. Complete the profile details to start using Facebook on your device. If you completed the profile details, not your profile is ready to be visible to all users.

Facebook features
Facebook MOD ipa offers many advanced features for users need-based. Here we can explore the full features of the application.

In our childhood, we meet new friends in school times. After many years, not easier to find childhood friends. This is a tricky thing for everyone. But now, every user integrated into the Facebook MOD ipa. So users can type the name to find the people in this application. Connect the world people into the application. Not only covers family and friends, but the user can also explore the world of people. Also, send the friend request to make a new friendship boding. Yeah, after sending the friend request, the user can directly chat with friends. Make long-term chatting to develop the relationship between the users. Once you connect with a friend, the application calculates the whole year of friendship. It will remember the friendship of years by sending a video.

Facebook MOD ipa
Facebook MOD ipa offers story sharing feature to all users. Every day we make new things in our life. Capture the moments by using a mobile camera and putting the captured image into the story. Then add the background music from the integrated music store. Add any songs and music into the story, and no more restrictions to use music on stories. Also, the stickers option enabled and added the emoji or gif sticker into the uploaded story image. Stickers will explore your current mood in life. After viewing the story, at the bottom of the screen, six different emoji is available. These emojis are related to the human face reaction. Once click the emoji, the reaction has faster send to the story posted user. Within a second, you can share the current moment of the world.

Not only stories, but Facebook MOD ipa also allows users to share their photos, videos, and moments. Share everything to explore your current mood. Also, the user can share the moments, quotes, texts, and much more to your account. Uploaded contents are available in your account. Anytime and any year, you can see my account login. Add the story and inform your friends. Your Facebook friends can see the stories to know about your latest posts. In addition, very friends and followers have allowed commenting the feedback via the comment section. Each uploaded post has been assigned with like, comment, and share buttons. These buttons are working from friends and followers. Your friend lists users can click the like button to like your posted content with six different emojis. Then comment on the feedback by using the comment box. Every feedback has instantly been updated on posts.

If the user has started the business plan, Facebook MOD ipa offers the best way to begin. Of course, Facebook helps you run the business in your home. I need to start the business age from this application. Create your page with the new brand name. Add the extra page details, then choose the template for your page. Up to 10+ templates are available for different businesses. For example, if you sell dresses and costumes, choose the template like sales. So select the suitable template and provide the products with rate. Never need to set store in area, market and more. Create a page to start your own business. Invest some extra cost to promote your business and reach many peoples. Yeah, the application offers a boost content feature for users. Start to boost the post to reach more people on specific days.

Facebook MOD ipa
Nowadays, most cinema artists, musicians, and most popular celebrities joined Facebook MOD ipa. The personal account is not comfortable and not easy to use for those people. So the main reason to the developer team mainly provides templates for celebrities. If you are a celebrity in music, choose the musician template. Also, the application team is faster to give a verified tick to you. Then your fans easier to identify your page. Also, every page managers can set their event dates, upcoming special events, live events, and more. Post the official releases of posters, songs, videos, and more accessible in pages.

Facebook MOD ipa provides continuously unique features. Same the way features, watch videos feature also added. In this section, the average user can watch the videos like YouTube. Once the player has added a video to their official page, they appear in the Watch section. It mostly appeared videos are get trending in the application. So no more boring videos did not recommend by the application. Once you watch the video, that video next time does not appear in order. Scroll down the video to explore more videos, and endless videos appear. Some movie-authorized companies added their movie to the page. Those huge movies are also ready to view—no limitation duration for uploading video into your page. But copyrighted video is not allowed to be uploaded.

Nowadays, technology is coming into our hands, so everything has more accessibility to do with smartphones. If the user has planned to start a small business at home, he needs to sell the products by market. Building your market needs a massive amount of money and more time. Don’t worry. Facebook MOD ipa helps to sell your products by using this shop section. Add all selling items and give offers to products. Before buying a product, the buyer can make it easier to contact the seller after making a good deal to start selling from the seller. Every user can become a seller or buyer. If the user buys the product from the shop, pay the amount directly in the complete order section. Sellers need to add their bank account details to receive money from Facebook. The application supports all types of cards and transactions.

Promote business
Facebook MOD ipa offers a Facebook Ads feature for everyone. These Ads feature related to the YouTube Advertisements. Most corporate and business management teams promote the business by showing ads. Specific amount needed for promoting your business by telecast ads. MOney range depends on your range of audience. If the audience range is low, the cost of advertisement rate is also low. Not only corporates promote their business. If you are plan to promote your business products or industry, use the Facebook valuable Ads system. The application has a vast amount of users, and millions of people watch the advertisements. Day bay day advertisements click and engagement increase wisely. This is the main reason we recommend promoting the business of this platform.

Youngsters love to start streaming gaming videos online. Most gaming video streamers use the YouTube platform to reach more subscribers. Not everyone loves the YouTube platform. So the main reason to Facebook MOD ipa introduces gaming section of their gaming lovers. From this section, every user can start streaming gaming videos live. Before starting the live video, the user needs to start the page with a gaming template. Then start streaming the games on Facebook. Every streamer can stream their gaming video up to endless—no time limitation for live videos. When the user starts the live video, it will start recording and storing on the application colossal storage. Users can watch the video anytime with higher quality. Set the specific thumbnail to attract a new audience. Viewers can send some extra donations via send coins. In addition, game streaming channels are more accessible to eligible for monetization.

Once many users using the platform, the platform was trying attacked by many hackers. Day by day, every hacker tries to hack the application database system. Some malware injectors try to inject the malware to stop the application process for a few hours. Don’t worry. Facebook MOD ipa owner mark Zuckerberg provides six protective layer security on their servers. The everyday white hat hackers secure the server constantly. Also, update the server security with new latest technologies. The Facebook team spends a massive amount of money on protecting servers from hackers. So not easier to get everyone’s data and account. If somebody tries to log in to your account, immediately the real user gets information by notification. If someone tries to forget the password using mail, they need to complete a two-step verification. In addition, the user can set the verified device. When the user newly logs in to the application on any device, login verification must grant access on your verified device—also set phone number for two-step verification.

Facebook MOD ipa
Earn money
Not only YouTube, but you can also earn a lot of money from Facebook MOD ipa. Yeah, after a few years, the application team introduced earning system. From using this earning system, to earn much more money from monetized pages. Of course, a page must need for monetization. Provide unique content to get monetization. Some page requirements are needed for monetizing the page. Page activeness, reach, and the user must need likes for monetizing. After monetize enable, every uploaded video has played with ads. Once your video gets reached many peoples, then your earnings have increased based on the ads watching. Don’t worry about the receive earned money. Connect your bank account and fill in the required details. After a successful connection, now you’re verified to receive money. Every month’s earned money has been calculated and appears on the withdrawal section. Once your reach the minimum requirement of money, then it will receive into your account.

Create a personal profile with your complete details. Facebook MOD ipa does not collect your profile details from you. Some information is needed for exploring in the profile section. For example, add your name, date of birth, relationship status, studied college, and some basic information. Also, you can set private and public options for all provided information. Display picture, banner, and name only visible to everyone. Otherwise, all information has able to be set private. If you set private information, it will not appear to another person, including your friends. Fill the studied schools and colleges to your childhood friends easier time by your school. When other users search your name from the search bar, use a filter to choose the school. Your old friends are easier to identify your real ID. Suppose the user sets the date of birth public, the application with you every year by video. Also, remember to your friends by notification.

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